As two moms working and living in Madison County, we noticed that it's easy to feel isolated from other inspiring individuals and distracted by the never-ending stack of dishes. Additionally, in the face of frustrating political, societal, and cultural trends, we felt inspired to create a space where people could experience more connection, support, and a sense of meaning. Thus, The Purpose Collective was born.

The Purpose Collective is a more than just a co-working space. It a dynamic and evolving gathering place that fosters the ideals of collaboration, community, and purpose so that we can have meaningful conversations about the things that truly matter, co-creating solutions together.


Our mission is to create a welcoming space for people to work and gather for inspired productivity, uplifting collaboration, and a life with more purpose, individually and collectively.


Our vision is to create a diverse and thriving community of passionate individuals, supporting each other to live an inspired and creative life.

Guiding Principles

The owners of The Purpose Collective abide by a set of principles that guide our work, our interactions with each other, and the way we fulfill our mission as a co-working space.

Purpose: We support each other to step into a life of meaning that is aligned with our deepest values. 

Collaboration: We strive to bring people together to foster connection, inspiration, and creativity in a supportive and empowering environment.

Community: We are building a bridge between the co-working community to the larger community and beyond.



I was was born in Marshall, NC. My passion for music began at an early age. My love of music lead me to complete a Doctor of Music degree. I’ve worked with a wide range of ensembles, such as Principal Viola of Symphony of the Mountains, First Violin of the Asheville Tango Orchestra, and The Kreuger Brothers (national and international touring). 

After extensive travel, I returned to Marshall in 2005 and worked to create a small 35-acre intentional community on the Ivy River. My family and I enjoy getting to know this piece of land along with our like-minded neighbors, and spending time in the garden, woods, and by the river.

In 2012, I started studying Compassionate Communication with Jerry Donoghue. Realizing that this different perspective on relating to others could have a far-reaching impact on all the relationships in my life, and could be a powerful tool for others as well. This led to further training to become a certified Inner Presence Coach and to now offering one-on-one transformational coaching, in hopes that it will benefit many members of the community.

From 2006-2016, I founded and directed Joyful Noise Community Music & Arts Center (a 501c3 non-profit organization). This work enabled me to share my passion for the arts with hundreds of students. Joyful Noise built a large scholarship program so that arts education could be available to all members of the community. 

This year, my husband, Coy, and I have begun an Edible Landscaping and Permaculture business called Gardens of Eatin'. We are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of a second daughter this summer.

I’m thrilled to have created The Purpose Collective, collaborating with others to foster a community where each of us can live a meaningful life that reflects our authentic voice, our deepest passions, and our sense of purpose.




Born on Long Island, I am a first-generation American born of European parents. 

I have been interested in spirituality and holistic modalities for many years.  I graduated from massage school and took courses in Reiki, aromatherapy and geobiology, which includes dowsing and working with earth energies. I feel passionate about working with earth and other energies around us and perform energetic clearings on properties and homes.

After moving to Florida and living there for over twenty years, I felt very drawn to the mountains of Western North Carolina and moved to Marshall in 2007. I continued to meet amazing people and now feel part of a very loving and supportive community. Connecting with like-minded inspiring women has become increasingly important to me and something I had been missing in my life.

I’m a mom to a wonderful, adventurous 8-year-old daughter, Emilia, and am passionate about child-led learning and conscious parenting.  We are active members of a homeschool group in Marshall and enjoy exploring other learning opportunities. We live on nine acres with four dogs, five cats, a parrot, a rabbit and some chickens.

I was drawn to coworking because a sense of community has become very important to me over the years, especially an uplifting and supportive community of women.  It is my intention to create a space where people can feel free to express themselves and be authentic, working on their own or with others and lifting each other up. I am excited that we are able to offer a large room for classes, meetings and workshops that celebrate and nourish the whole person and benefit the greater community.