I Was Working Alone

About a year ago, I found myself working in a building that I had all to myself, for no charge. It seemed ideal, but something was missing. That something was a work setting that really felt like community. I wanted people around me that would inspire me, offer me encouragement when I needed it, and I found myself missing the collaborations and get-togethers that occurred when I was part of a community arts center. Also, I was completing my training as an Inner Presence Coach and wanted a way to offer that to the community.I wasn't sure what this new work environment might look like, but I knew that I didn't want to remain isolated and disconnected. Meanwhile, political unrest, divisiveness, and polarity swirled around us filling our news feeds. Instead of getting bogged down by the negativity, I wanted to be a part of creating a community where we can all thrive. 

 Clueless as to what my next step might be, I met up with a friend who suggested co-working. However, she had tried out the Asheville ones and hadn't found a right fit. "How 'bout we start our own?" After learning more about coworking, I was drawn to the idea. I teamed up with my good friend Lisa, and long story short, The Purpose Collective came about.

So now, several months later, I am getting to know some really inspiring people through the collective, some with careers that I didn't previously know existed. We have had writers, business and life coaches, and conflict mediators sharing our co-working space. We are hosting diverse groups that positively impact the community in various ways such as: Radical Honesty Practice Group (increasing communication skills); writers groups and the Women's Business Empowerment Circle; as well as Conscious Relationship, Spiritual Awakening, and Enigma of Love Meetups. Many of us are now dreaming bigger than we had prior to coming together. We are supporting and giving visibility to each other as we each step further into our purpose. Now, I not only have a cozy studio for teaching music, I can also offer regular Inner Presence Coachings. It is so gratifying to see the transformation it's creating in people's lives. I have found the workplace tribe I was seeking. If you are tired of working alone too, come on over and visit The Purpose Collective.