What is coworking?

Coworking is a work environment shared by independent contractors, freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, creative professionals that are not employed by the same company or organization. It is a solution to the isolation and distractions typically experienced by those who work independently. Often, the members of a coworking space share common values and benefit from the social and professional aspects of working in the same place. Friendships, collaborations and a strong community of peers are associated with coworking.

A little history:

  • In 1999, American game designer and fun theorist, Bernard DeKoven, coined the term “coworking”.

  • In 2005, Brad Neuberg Launched the first “official” coworking space, called the San Francisco Coworking Space. 

  • In 2007, the term coworking was first observed as a trend on Google. 

  • Today, an estimated 10,100 spaces are up-and-running worldwide, giving a home and community to an estimated 735,000 individuals. Projections estimate that number will grow to over 1 million. 

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The Coworking design offers:

  • a collective design, so we encourage you to participate in creating ideal space.

  • a place where your ideas can be nurtured.

  • an opportunity to meet amazing people and be part of the journey as you (and they) evolve.

  • a center that elevates people’s work as well as their lives.

  • a collective container and incubator for inspiration ideas.  

  • visioning a world of new possibilities.

  • fostering a way for people to be part of a positive solution.

  • inviting you to ask the questions: What are we going to create together next? How can we evolve individually and collectively? How can we move beyond the old way of doing things?


Here at The Purpose Collective, like many coworking models, coworking is a membership-based design. In addition to providing the open office design for working, we also offer many other benefits.