Top Ten Reasons to Become a Member of The Purpose Collective:

  • Affordable plans

  • More significantly impact the community

  • Have a broader reach for your work

  • Opportunities to express other interests

  • Accelerated synchronicities

  • Convenient location

  • Diverse membership

  • Eclectic, artsy space

  • Access to a community gathering space

  • Opportunities to network and collaborate

Take advantage of our NEW Community Member program! Sign up today and take advantage of the benefits and pricing. Details and payments below.

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Choose your membership level and pay for your first month. All subscriptions are recurring through PayPal. To end the subscription, you must go into your PayPal account and terminate it through PayPal. The Purpose Collective cannot cancel your subscription for you. 

Membership options and payment sign up


To pay for your Large or Small room rental, please select your room choice and the number of hours you would like to reserve the room. Please note, you must secure the date and time on the calendar before paying for the date/times. 



If you reserved a certain number of hours, but would need more hours, please use the same drop down box below to add additional hours to your reservation. This is only allowed if no one else has reserved the room after you. 

Member - Large Room - Hours Reserved
Member - Small Room - Hours Reserved
Non-Member Large Room Hours Reserved
Non-Member - Small Room - Hours Reserved